Manager Licensing & State Regulations


Community Association Manager Licensing & State Regulations


This page is designed to provide you with all the information you will need to obtain and maintain your Community Association Manager (CAM) License and the Continuing Education Courses offered by CAI.

  1. Complete 20 hours of pre-license education. The M-100 Course satisfies this requirement.
    This course can be taken on-line or in a classroom setting; see section 3 (below) for more information.
  2. Register for the CMCA Exam.  This exam is approved by the State of Illinois as the State test for Manager Licensing; see section 5 (below) for more information.
  3. For those who would like additional study before taking the test the Illinois Chapter offers a CMCA Review course;  see section 4 (below) for more information.
  4. Once you have passed the CMCA test – Complete the IL Community Association Manager Licensing Application (see section 2 (below) for the application) and Submit it, along with the associated fees, to the Illinois Dept of Financial & Professional Regulation.
Documents are in .pdf format – you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

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The M-100 Essentials of Community Association Management Course satisfies the State of Illinois requirement of 20 hours pre-license education.

M-100 Classroom Course Information 

2.5 days | 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. | 8:30 a.m. – noon
A 90-minute, multiple choice examination is given at the end of the seminar.


M-100 On-Line Course Information 

8 hours of direct instruction and 4-8 hours of study from topical webinars and reading assignments.  Students have 4 months—120 days from purchase date—to complete the course and take the 120-minute exam to receive credit.

CAI member: $445 | Nonmember: $545


This course is approved for 20 hours of Pre License Education by the State of Illinois.


The Illinois Chapter offers a CMCA Review Course to help you prepare for your test.  This is an optional course and is not mandatory for taking the State Licensing test.  The course will be available on a limited schedule throughout the year.  See the calendar link below for our programming schedule and the registration link to register for the class.


Note: The Manager Licensing Test and the CMCA Designation Test are the same test.  They are both administered through CAM-ICB.  For more information about CAM-ICB see below.

Exam Information

This link will take you to the CAM-ICB website

The Paper-and-Pencil examination cost is $350

                    The paper-and-pencil exam will take approximately 3-4 weeks to receive your grade results.

The On-Line examination cost is $300

                    The On-Line exam is done at a Pearson VUE testing facility.


CAM State Test Application / CMCA Application

Once you are approved for the test you can request the on-line version of the test held at a testing facility.  This option has more testing dates available and the test is graded immediately on site.

 Exam Schedule

The CMCA Exam schedule is for the paper & pencil version of the test.  This link will take you to the CAM-ICM website where you will click Get Certified / CMCA Exam.

Test Re-take Application

Pricing to retake the exam is $250 for the on-line test and $300 for the paper & pencil test.

Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAM-ICB)

6402 Arlington Blvd., Suite 510
Falls Church, VA 22042
Phone: 703-970-9300


CMCA Test Preparation Materials

If you have questions or comments on the new CMCA Handbook , CMCA Study Guide or Test you can contact Sara B. Duginske at 703-970-9261 or


At this time the State has not finalized the rules for continuing education.


Community Association Managers will be required to renew their licenses in August of each odd-numbered year.


A renewal postcard will be mailed to you by the State.


* See Administrative Rules (in section 2) for Renewal see1445.70 and for Fee’s see 1445.100 *
CAI will post the requirements to our website as soon as they are released.


CMCA Recertification Information

Recertification is every two years

16 hours of approved continuing education coursework is needed every two years

$105 yearly fee

This is for your CAI Designation Recertification
This is not for your Illinois Manager Licensing renewal.

PMDP Course Retesting is Now Available Online
We’ve now made it more convenient for members who have not passed a course to retest. Previously students had to arrange a date a time with an exam administrator to retest and now they can retest from the convenience of their home or office. This applies to those students that took the test online or in person. See the attached CAI Course Retest Request Form. If you have questions contact Jake Gold at


PCAM Recertification Information



* NOTE *

CMCA = Certified Manager of Community Associations (this is a certification thru CAM-ICB)

CAM = Community Association Manager (is the terminology the State of IL is using for a licensed manager)